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May 2015

The Shunyata Research HYDRA Triton v2 is now on display in the Audio Matters Listening Studio. Triton v2 utilizes Shunyata Research's own CopperConn US outlets with new CCI (Component-to-Component Interference) noise filters applied to each outlet thus preventing the spread of high-frequency noise between terminals. Additionally, Shunyata's Zero-Point Power Distribution System (ZPP-DS; a custom manufactured all-copper buss system) links all outlets to a single point of electrical contact.

Equally important is the Triton v2's utilization of the exclusive CGS (Chassis Grounding System). The CGS provides a central grounding point for all electronic components in the system, and the CGS normalizes voltage differentials between component chassis which may reduce performance robbing ground loops. The CGS also lowers chassis ground noise using Shunyata Research's patented NICTM technology. Interestingly, the global concept of CGS is one that has been utilized in the Audio Matters Listening for over a decade.

In addition to a full complement of Shunyata Research power products, HYDRA Triton v2 is available for in-system evaluation upon approval.

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CES - January 2015

Quiet in attendance overall in the high-end audio venues, the presentations at this year's 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada were top notch. Combining EMM Labs and LAMM electronics for the first time, a combination utilized by Audio Matters for the better part of a decade, LAMM Industries once again demonstrated Best Of Show sound at CES.

Presenting in two suites on the 35th floor of the Venetian, the two systems represented Vladimir Lamm's broad knowledge and ability to properly execute both tube and solid state electronics. Particularly notable was the pleasing presentation generated by the WAS Alexia. The typically inconsistent performance of this loudspeaker, commonly demonstrated in other electronics manufactures' venues, was delightfully absent in the LAMM Industries suite. The presentation was musical, natural, and authoritative with wonderful sound staging. Alexia with LAMM and EMM Labs electronics went as far as to prove this loudspeaker can be capable of off axis performance with precisely the proper electronics upstream. The bi-amping demonstration combining ML2.2 and ML3, while admittedly over the top, was proof positive of the sonic merits of proper SET amplifier design.

EMM Labs showcased the MTRX amplifiers in a two channel system that eclipsed the presentation from the prior year. Providing sonics truly bridging the gap between SET and solid state sound, the MTRX in an all EMM Labs system is truly a reference experience.

Shunyata Research has continued its progression in power product and signal cable design products, and they displayed new products in addition to revealing their reference series power distributors in black finishes.

Showcasing a selection of the finest audio components available, and whether disc sourced, vinyl sourced, mobile device sourced, or computer sourced, the Audio Matters Listening Studio is the only regional venue to truly hear the music.

December 2014

Audio Matters is pleased to announce the debut of the Shunyata Research Sigma Series power cables in the Audio Matters Listening Studio with the arrival of Sigma HC (High-Current).

Employing a modified ZiTron circuit, the Sigma Series power cables measurably reduce power line noise generated by individual electronics' power supplies, thus stopping radiated EMI and RFI contamination at its source.

Handsomely presented in a velvet bag within its own flight case and sporting substantial weight and girth, the ZiTron Sigma Series Power Cables will undoubtedly leave the smaller Napoleononic audiophile envious with desire.

In addition to a full complement of Shunyata Research power products, Sigma HC is available for in-system evaluation upon approval.

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Starting at $2110.00

RMAF - October 2014

The tour de force in solid state amplification design debut continued this year at the 2014 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver, Colorado with a multi-channel system that included four EMM Labs MTRX amplifiers, two EMM Labs PRE2, and EMM Labs MDAT2 digital to analog converters showcasing IsoMike recordings.

Simply stated, this was an example of multi-channel music executed properly from recording to playback, and the familiar IsoMike demonstration sounded more real than ever before. In addition to not "sounding solid state", particularly impressive was the prodigious amount of deep, tight, and tuneful bass presented by the quad of MTRX. So prodigious was this presentation, in fact, that those individuals who mistakenly (foolishly) believe that quality music systems with full range loudspeakers require big subwoofers to sound complete were scrambling about behind the curtains looking for the subwoofers that were nowhere to be found.

As always, EMM Labs continues to fly below the radar of high-end audio fluff and pompousness while delivering world class electronics.

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$130,000.00 per pair

June 2014

MIT Oracle Matrix HD 90 Revision 1 Speaker Interface is now on display in the Audio Matters Listening Studio. Building upon MIT MA-X technology, HD 90 speaker cable will achieve 90 or 115 Poles of Articulation depending on which the listener chooses to select. When connected to a high-resolution system, the audibly improved detail, texture, timbre, and soundstage size is stunning.

This latest generation MIT speaker cable is clearly deserving of the 2013 TAS Editors' Choice Award it earned. No other signal cable is as technologically advanced as MIT cabling, and it simply must be heard. In addition to this outstanding speaker cable, Audio Matters is very pleased to display Oracle MA-X interconnect.

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February 2014

Following a long and detailed search for audio component isolation products, Audio Matters is pleased to announce the addition of Stillpoints products to the Audio Matters product complement.

While there are many detailed positive reviews for Stillpoints products, actually hearing what they do in a system tells the real story of these amazing products. Adding Stillpoints isolation from front-end to loudspeakers simply allows one to experience the true expression of the individually chosen components and thus the musical or theatrical presentation as a whole.

In addition to being on display in the Audio Matters Listening Studio, Stillpoints products are available for in-system evaluation upon approval.

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Starting at $125.00

CES - January 2014

Massive in size and weight, massive in scale, massive in dynamic contrast, yet gentle, seamless, and coherent from top to bottom are the simple and easy terms to describe the long-awaited EMM Labs MTRX solid-state monaural amplifiers debuting in their finalized version at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ed Meitner's strong yet understated and press-ignored track record has been redefined with this tour de force in amplification. The MTRX is a proprietary Class A/B design with the ability to drive any loudspeaker; 1500 Watts per channel into 4 ohms and stable to 1 ohm. Those who have come to understand and relish the ahead of the curve sonic advancements of the EMM Labs reference digital products and line stages will be pleased, yet not surprised, at this latest addition to the EMM Labs line of superior electronics. Everyone else will shocked and perplexed. The MTRX has been well worth the wait.

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$130,000.00 per pair

October 2013

Presenting an audibly enhanced Triton experience, Shunyata Research's Hydra Typhon has joined Hydra Triton and Hydra Cyclops in the Audio Matters Listening Studio. Akin to Hydra Triton on steroids, micro detail and background blackness is presented at a much enhanced level. Image detail and separation is more greatly defined, and vocals and instrumentation are presented far more vividly.

Connected to Hydra Typhon, the initial burn-in of a Hydra AV was performed with a multi-channel system. The image performance of the connected plasma monitor improved daily over a week's time with the the most dramatic performance occurring in the final two days. Disconnecting Hydra Typhon from Hydra AV at the conclusion of this initial burn-in yielded a softened image, less color saturation, grayed blacks, and an overall noisier monitor image.

The Shunyata Research Hydra Triton/Typhon combination yields previously unheard and unseen results in both audio and video electronics performance, and these results are not subtle. Any system would benefit from their added performance, and high resolution systems simply cannot do without this new level of Hydra performance.

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Triton: $5,000.00
Typhon: $5,000.00

CES - January 2012

Shunyata Research continued its recent assault on the power cable, power distribution, and signal cabling markets with new products and a very practical demonstration of the science that goes into these products at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

New ZiTron Power Cables utilize ZiTron and VTX wire technologies to advance performance beyond that of the CX Series. Joining Hydra Triton and Talos in the third generation of Hydra products, the Hydra Cyclops Power Distributor will clearly set a new performance benchmark for non-limiting, high-current power conditioning applications, and Audio Matters will be demonstrating this performance firsthand in the Audio Matters Listening Studio.

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Price: $1,995.00

May 2011

We are excited to announce another sonic milestone in two-channel presentation with the addition of the EMM Labs PRE2 to the Audio Matters Listening Studio. PRE2 seamlessly joins our EMM Labs TSD1/DAC2X combination for a musical presentation that simply has to be heard to believe.

Additionally, we are now displaying the Shunyata Research Hydra Triton and Hydra Talos. The performance of these new Hydra products clearly elevates beyond that of Hydra V-RAY II, which is in a class of its own. Contact us to arrange a private audition.

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Price: $15,500.00

March 2011

Audio Matters is pleased to offer vacuum tube testing utilizing the Amplitrex AT1000 Electron Tube Test System. The AT1000 is the only vacuum tube tester with the ability to test tubes at real-world power levels, and the AT1000 is the only commercially available vacuum tube tester with the ability to test the 6C33C. Contact us for individual tube test pricing or for new, old stock 6C33C-B.

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CES - January 2011

The 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada brought product debuts and fantastic sound from a variety of manufacturers, and LAMM Industries' debut of the ML2.2 was nothing short of stunning.

Driving a pair of Verity Audio Lohengrin II loudspeakers in a bi-amped configuration, the ML2.2 passionately demonstrated its superb capabilities. Incorporating a second amplification stage similar to that of the ML3 Signature, the ML2.2 clearly brings the performance of Vladimir Lamm's 18w SET amplifier closer to that of his 32w SET ML3 Signature. The ML3 Signature demonstration itself was beyond reproach, showcasing the best sound we have heard yet from a pair of WAS Alexandria X-2.

Audio Matters is eagerly anticipating the upcoming addition of the ML2.2 to the Audio Matters Listening Studio.

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Price: $37,190.00
per pair

CES - January 2010

In addition to showcasing one of the finest sounding demonstrations at the Venetian in the Kimber IsoMike room, CES 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada brought the debut EMM Labs PRE2 line stage preamplifier.

Clearly proving its sonic merit as a more than capable two-channel preamplifier, the PRE2 will have the ability to be linked to additional PRE2s for multi-channel use. Sporting the newer cosmetics and chassis of the DAC2, the PRE2 will undoubtedly set a new benchmark in preamplifiers.

X Series Upgrades will soon be available, and Audio Matters will have details as available. Audio Matters will proudly be displaying the PRE2 along with the TSD1 and DAC2X. Estimated release for the PRE2 is Q2 2010.

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Price: $15,500.00

RMAF - October 2009

EMM Labs arrived at 2009 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver, Colorado with one of the company's strongest showings to date with the debut of the new single-box digital CD/SACD player/DAC: the XDS1.

Sporting a 4th generation Meitner 2xDSD DAC (MDAC), the utilization of a new all-metal TEAC/Esoteric drive mechanism (X Drive), and a host of other clean-sheet features, EMM Labs is proving the obvious confusion and scrambling present in so many other less forward thinking high-end companies are not affecting EMM Labs' status and progression as the leader in all things digital.

Audio Matters is very pleased to be moving forward with EMM Labs, and EMM Labs is promising an X upgrade path for the DAC2 in addition to other new, ground-breaking products to be available soon. Audio Matters is proudly displaying the TSD1 and DAC2 for audition, by appointment only, and we invite you to stop by and hear what is quite simply the finest audio presentation available in the State of Montana.

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Price: $25,000.00

CES - January 2008

Shown in static display, and heard very briefly by a few fortunate individuals at CES 2007, this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada allowed show attendees the opportunity to hear Vladimir Lamm's ML3 Signature monaural amplifiers.

Expanding on the sonic capability of the ML2.1, the additional power of ML3 Signature elevates LAMM amplifier design to a new level. The ML3 is arguably the finest amplifier yet designed, and the ML3 furthers the sonic distance between Vladimir's unprecedented SET designs and the recent attempts at new, complex, endless circuitry designs of long-standing leaders of solid state amplifier design. The ML3 Signature is simply unmatched in its ability to translate the true essence and soul of a musical presentation.

The ML3 Signature is shipping now, and Audio Matters is proudly displaying the ML2.1 and LP2 Deluxe Phono Stage for audition, by appointment only.

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Price: $140,000.00
per pair